Posted by Deb Barry

Confession and Ritual will be important responses in our Lenten services this month. As worship leaders read the Scripture, they will end with, “Who will call upon the Lord today?”  In response to this question, one or more of you will be asked to respond by coming forward with an empty bowl or plate brought from your home. After placing it on the altar table as an expression of the spiritual hunger of our congregation, you are invited to offer a confessional response based on the focus statement/questions of the day ( a heads up- you’ll be asked ahead). This could be in the form of an art piece, a poem, words to a hymn, a musical selection or a story.  After our corporate confession, the empty bowl will be filled. So, find a quiet space and think and pray about these themes: Lent 1- God’s hand delivers, 2- God shelters, 3- God pours out life-giving drink, 4-God hugs us, 5- God makes a way through mighty waters, and 6- God’s love endures as we follow Jesus.


Lenten Home Devotions: The theme and Scriptures in the Lent At Home materials are based on the congregational worship materials published in Leader magazine by MennoMedia. For each week, the At Home resource offers meditations, pondering thoughts, scriptures, songs, prayers and creative activities for children, families or personal/group devotions. This resource comes from our Mennonite friends in Canada and is called Lenten Guided Prayer 2019: Grit and Grace. If you’d like a copy, see Marilyn.

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