Posted by Deb Barry

MCC Great Lakes is excited to offer a unique training opportunity for individuals to explore and engage with the legacy of colonialism and understand the intersecting history between Native people and European settlers. This training will use the framework of the Doctrine of Discovery to explore the taking of land from Indigenous people, which led to the justification of the global slave trade. Participants will be equipped with a number of educational tools which they can utilize to further educate others on the Doctrine of Discovery. Led by Michelle Armster, Erica Littlewolf, and Karin Kaufman Wall from MCC Central States, the training is open to all who are interested in the ongoing work of education and awareness-raising on these issues. It will be held August 25-27 with the Sunday evening public event, Loss of Turtle Island, at Waterford Mennonite and the following two days of training at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. The registration fee is $50. For more information and registration, visit or contact Kelly Shenk Koontz at

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