July 24, 2022

Tend the Root

Tend the Root Scripture: Colossians 2:6-12

July 17, 2022

One Thing

One Thing

Scripture: Luke 10:38-42

July 10, 2022

Who Is My Neighbor

Who Is My Neighbor Scripture: Luke 10:25-37

July 3, 2022

Prayers and Laments

Prayers and Laments

Psalm 42: 1-3 and 9-10, Psalm 131

June 19, 2022

The Kingdom of God transforms rather than conquers

The Kingdom of God transforms rather than conquers Scripture: Luke 8:26-39

June 12, 2022

On Wisdom

On Wisdom

Video from worship service on June 12 with co-pastors Patrick and Christine Nafziger Focus: Wisdom is vindicated by all her children. Scripture: Luke 7:18-35

June 5, 2022

What does this mean?

What does this mean?

Video from June 5 worship service with pastors Patrick and Christine Nafziger.…/DhgL… Focus: As we open ourselves to the re-creating and animating power of the Holy Spirit, we become agents of healing and hope in the world. Scripture: Acts 2:1-13

May 29, 2022

Freedom From or Freedom For?

Freedom From or Freedom For?

(Due to internet issues, portions of the service are missing) Scripture: Acts 16:16-34

May 22, 2022

“Stirring Things Up”

"Stirring Things Up"

Focus Statement: “Do you want to be made well?” (John 5:6) Scripture: John 5:1-9

May 15, 2022

Worshiping and Discerning together

Worshiping and Discerning together Focus Statement: We seek to love one another the way Jesus loved us so that the world will know that we are followers of Jesus. Scripture: John 13:31-35

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